[ISSUE] Track numbers...

What’s wrong with the picture? :unamused:
C6 channel numbers.jpg

You have hidden some track types?

Did you move the track after it was created? Do you have sync project and mixer selected?

I didn’t move it.
And I think I’ve the Sync Project and Mixer selected on Preferences… (I’ve to check that tomorrow)

I’ve some hidden tracks…

This happens after I create that track.

The workaround is to close the Mixer and open it again and it’s ok then.



You can ‘re-order’ the channels in the Inspector > VST Instruments.


Hum? :sunglasses:

Sometimes this is very annoyed. Cause on the Euphonix those tracks in an wrong order…

Were you by chance editing those channels at the time this anomaly cropped up? When I did quick editing in SX3, sometimes a channel would move up the screen :open_mouth: It never did any harm, all edits, routings and FX went with it so I wasn’t too concerned. I slowed down a bit and it rarely happened. Might be a legacy of that carried into C6…

I don’t know yet when this happens…

But should be investigated…

This is happening regularly for me since C6…on first creation of a track somewhere in the middle of an existing project it will appear either one or 2 slots away from where it should be on the mixer.
The same track in the inspector is in the correct place…moving the track in the inspector & then moving it back also corrects it.


Used to happen in C5 too. Closing / reopening the mixer window usually puts the tracks in the correct order.