[Issue] UAD Satellite Errors -38 and -98

Just got off the horn with UAudio about this, and am working with them to troubleshoot from their end. But there’s a reasonable chance that the issue may reside in Nuendo, so I’m posting here:

Working on N6.03, 64bit, OSX 10.8.3, at recommended buffer levels on the UAD Satellite, on its own dedicated FW 800 bus, using a UA-approved Syba FW card, in Nuendo (not any other audio apps thus far), the Satellite will lose its connection to Nuendo, reporting errors -38 or -98 or both.

The phenomenon seems to occur PRIMARILY, but not absolutely exclusively, when doing an offline edit in iZotope RX2’s Spectral Editor. Sometimes it takes a while for it to happen; I can go a couple of hours without a lockup. Other times more frequently.

This has actually been happening since N5; I’m just getting around to reporting it. Am hoping this is one of the “offline processing” issues already being dealt with for upcoming revisions, but am submitting my experience for the record!