[ISSUE] unintentional zooming of mixerchannels

Anyone can confirm this please ß

When I toggle between two arrangewindow layouts via my padcontroller the channels of the mixer get wider and wider with each toggle


Here occurs the same using Mac.

Yep, very annoying.

I am experiencing this from the beginning with Nuendo 6.x and 7. Also with Cubase 7.x. and 8.

Uncheck “use standard zoom controls” under “zoom” from the down pointing triangle in the upper right of the mixer window. This will lock the mixer where you have left it.


Thanks for confirming - this is really annoying

Dean, I already tried that - to no avail.

The confirmed issue happens irrespective of whether the mixer is in focus or not (and has nothing to do with applying a zooming keyboard-shortcut…)
It is obviously a bug

Same here. Mixer opens up so that 1 channel takes up the whole screen, which is a zoom level that shouldn’t even exist.