[Issue]Up/Down keys won't work when all is selected

  1. Open a project
  2. Select One Track
  3. Select all parts and events you find, or use [CTL]+[A]
  4. Use the up/down arrow keys to move to the next track
    result: the selected track is stuck.

repro, please? :slight_smile:


Seems like there are more combinations of selected parts and tracks that act funny so it’s probably worth investingating?

Yes, I have a deselect everything button but I’d prefer to have the old behavior back, please.

Or even a confirmation that this is by design, and I’ll adapt, but to me it looks like a small issue that could be fixed?


I just tried it and on my system I can reproduce this behaviour only under two conditions:
the option “use up/down arrow keys for track selection only” in the program setup needs to be disengaged and the next track to which I want to move is empty. In this case I get stuck on the first track as you described.
Everything works, however, If I either activate the option “use up/down arrow keys for track selection only” or if the next track has parts on it. It seems that if the above mentioned option is disengaged and the arrow keys select parts, too, they will stop at the last part before the next empty track.

So the solution seems to be to activate that option (but then you of course can’t select parts with the arrow keys anymore).

Hi HowlingUlf,
I’m not home in the studio at present but from what I remember, the track selection row and the parts page were 2 separate selections. From what Parnasso is saying, it may be optional?
If I had selected a track and then selected any parts, the arrows would now revert to the part selection and move that selection within the parts and no longer the track column. Now if you selected ALL of the parts, the arrows would now have no where to move the selection within the parts. (because they are all selected)
In that event, it would appear to be stuck?
In order to have the arrows select a different track, I would have to re-establish by clicking back on to the track column. Again, this is all from memory and my past experiences from CS5.


I think if you are on a track and you hit the right-arrow key it will select the topmost part and from whatever part you are on in a track, say if you have lanes enabled you can hit left-arrow to get back to the tracklist.

Not true. The implementation is hierarchical in nature.

With the preference “use up/down arrow keys for track selection only” activated, up and down arrows will toggle through the track list, regardless of part population or part selection. Toggle to any populated track and the right arrow will begin to select parts. Left arrow back, until no part is selected then arrow up or down to another track and the right arrow will toggle through that track’s parts.

It’s hierarchical menuing.

Thanks for the response, ppl!

Well, whatever it is, this is not the same behavior as in previous versions.
I usually hit the command for “select all”, then the command for “locators to selection” a hundred times a day.
Never have I been stuck like that before.
I’ve always been able to navigate up and down to select other tracks, no matter what parts were selected.
Whether “Track selection follows part selection” is activated has had no bearing.
I especially noticed this in a project in C6 yesterday.
It’s a new and still small project with just one VSTi and one MIDI track and one part.
Having this one part selected did not let me move north with the arrow key.


I just tried in C5.5.2 64 and recreated the project at least as far as parts and track layout functionality.
No problem to move to the VSTi “track”.
So there is a difference, not a show stopper by any stretch, but an annoyance, think small pebble in the shoe!

Steinberg? :wink:


I found a workaround that happened to be good enough to keep even if the issue is fixed!
Create a Macro with

  1. Select All
  2. Locators to selection
  3. Deselect All

Then I assigned a Key Command to the Macro… :bulb: :sunglasses:

Maybe we’re misunderstanding each other, but I did not mean the option “Track selection follows part selection” but “use up/down arrow keys for track selection only” instead (or whatever it is called in english, I use Cubase in german). It’s on the same settings page. If I activate that option I can freely move up/down on the track list even if one or several parts are selected.

You are right of course but I meant that with “use up/down arrow keys for track selection only” activated you can’t select parts with the up/down arrows anymore (so you can’t move directly and vertically from one part on one track to another part on another track). But thanks for the clarification.

Yep, sorry about that! I never use that one so … :blush:

Monday evening bump!
Up/Down broken …

I finally got back in my studio to check this out. I selected the 1st track and then selected all the audio and midi parts on the page. When I hit down arrow, the next track was selected and all the parts were deselected. This only confirms that it works as you described in a former version as I still have CS 5.5.2.