Issue upgrading from Cubase AI 10 to Artist 9.5 - Resolved by Steinberg's support


Bought an UR22mkII interface bundled with Cubase Artist Update from AI. Steinberg’s instructions gave me two sets of codes:

  1. Cubase AI 10 download and activation codes
  2. Cubase Artist 9 UG AI (DAC) download/activation codes

I’ve successfully moved the AI 10 license to the eLC but then the license manager refused to apply Artist upgrade with ‘there is no license available which can be upgraded by your upgrade license’ error. Seems it needs AI 9/9.5 license, which I don’t have as Steinberg automatically provided me with the latest AI 10.

Already tried searching the forum for similar topics but was not able to find a working solution.

Any help or advise will be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Issue was solved by the Steinberg’s support team (Thank you!) They provided an AI 9.5 license instead, which allowed a flawless upgrade to Artist 9.5.
Seems currently the upgrade path AI10->Artist 9 UG AI is not permitted from the server side but hopefully will be added soon. Meanwhile if you face the same issue, your only option is contacting Steinberg.