Hi everyone,

I’m hoping that some of you guys might have heard of this issue.

My studio recently bought the UR824. When we connect the BNC wordclock cables from our UAD 4-710d WC OUT to Steinberg’s UR824 WC IN we make our UAD machine the wordclock Master and the UR824 a slave.

But when I change in the UAD’s sample rate, UR824 doesn’t move. It blinks the WordClock LED and only allows 44.1khz (or anyother value that’s represented in the DSPmixFx. I change it to “wordclock in” and the problem continues.

Everything is well connected and double checked. The weird part is, altough I have it on WordClock In, each time I start Nuendo 6 the DSPMixFx goes to internal mode @ 44.1khz (or other value assigned in the software panel)…

I’ve read here that some of the UR824 have problems with the processors and wordclock units. like with this user:


Any ideas of what’s going on? Almost sure it’s a hardware deffect, but we never know.

Hope someone at Steinberg helps!

The UR824 won’t automatically follow the external clock frequency. You need to set it to match in the OS/driver.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your reply.

I’ve worked with a lot of hardware with external word clock syncing and never heard of an impossibility of following external clock. Besides, if not possible, why create functionalities that allow word clock sync trough ADAT and WC in?

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To be clear, the UR824 will absolutely sync to an external clock, it just won’t change clock frequencies automatically. If you set the clock rate in the driver to match the external clock it does indeed sync correctly via ADAT or WC.