Issue using AI8 with THR and BiasFX

Ok hopefully this makes sense. My goal is to use Cubase AI8, with the BiasFX plugin and my yamaha THR5 to simulate running pedals through my THR. I would like to still be able to use the amp models of the THR5, and not the amp models in BiasFX, otherwise I would just use the Dry DI signal.

The problem that I am having is that when I add an audio track using the THR5 as the input and activating the monitor mode on the Audio track, I hear both the original signal from the THR5, and the signal that has been run through Cubase and BiasFX.

Is it possible to only hear the guitar after is has been processed through Cubase and Bias? This even happens when turning down the physical volume knob on the THR to 0. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi nad welcome,

Make sure, Direct Momitoring is not switched On on your Audio Device. If there is any knob like DAW/Live, make sure, it’s turned to DAW 100%.