Issue using MidiController for DMX programming

Hi there,

while programming DMX with a computer mouse for me seams a real hustle I tried to get MidiArtNet as translator and use my midi faders via ArpNet, but if I try to switch the DMX Track’s input to DMX ArtNet IN it immediatly switches back to . Is this intentionally?

by the way: it would be really nice if one could edit the DMX Track from within VST Live.
When you are using fixtures with build in programs if might be required to hit an exact number for the control channel.

Thanks, everyone

Hi @kai.t.habel

I am running the latest version (1.0.41), starting a new project, adding a DMX Track and opening the inspector. There, I am clicking to the Input Device Row. A context menu appears and I select “DMX: DMX ArtNet In”. VL asks me to name the port and I choose the default name “DMX ArtNet In”. I activate the monitor button and the track receives DMX events. Where’s the missing link to reproduce your problem?

We are working on that topic!

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