Issue using upgrade license of Elem 9 to install the program

I will start with a summary:
• Purchased soundcard, registered hardware to get Cubase AI 8
• Trial went out, purchased upgrade license for Elements 9
• 1 month later, reinstalls windows, wiping absolutely everything on all drives (intentionally)
• I don’t have AI 8 installed, hence I can’t use upgrade license, I have nothing to upgrade

Do I REALLY have to download Cubase AI 8 by registering my UR22 MkII again, just to use the upgrade license, and then downloading and installing the Cubase Elements 9 patch?

Follow the instructions for reactivation. You will be installing the eLicense control center. Then reactivate your software license. I don’t believe you need to install the actual CB software.

Regards :sunglasses:

Ah, it worked!

Thank you very very much, man! :slight_smile: