[ISSUE] VCA Routing under 7.0.30 not recallable


we used a VCA routing of several outputs. Saved the project and after the restart all VCA routings are lost and not reloaded.
The VCA routing saved under 7.0.20 are recallable also under 7.0.30. All routing saved with 7.0.30 are not recallable.
We tried it with different computers and setups.

Hope we get help.

Cheers Hendrik

Thanks for the heads up.


And Guillermo told us on Gearslutz that the next update “will be released whenever it is ready after the usual maintenance cycle, 7.0.30 was just released so I wouldn’t expect it any time soon.”

[EDITED by moderator, please use a professional language]

PS: Change your topic headline by adding [ISSUE], and maybe they’ll notice.

What’s the “[EDITED by moderator, please use a professional language]” supposed to mean!? :open_mouth:

Most likely it means I criticized the corporation. You’re not supposed to do that. I’ve asked Fredo many times just what examples of unprofessional language is, or just what “politics” are, and to my knowledge he has never given examples of what that is.

Steinberg and Fredo have the option of going: Oh, hey guys, thanks for buying our product, and then another huge thanks for finding these issues with it and bringing it to our attention so we can fix it. We appreciate that help…

… Or, you can just go ahead and delete what people say in the hope that criticism goes away.

I don’t really see why I should do testing of Nuendo not only not for free, and not only after having paid for it, but to on top of that have someone edit my posts because he doesn’t like being told the truth. I have absolutely no idea what the point is of contributing on this forum when one gets pretty much zero thanks from the people one gives one’s money to.

For the record, it was one of my collegues that edited your post, I have no idea what was in it.
But very probably I would have done the same.

Oh yes, I tried to explain that many times. We must be on another wavelength.

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.
Don’t use offensive language, don’t be rude, don’t insult, don’t hijack threats, etc …
As long as you voice your opinion in a mature, civilised, polite way, there is no problem.

Back to topic please.

What language have I ever used that was offensive? What qualifies as being rude or an insult?

And get this: You accuse me of hijacking threads, yet the last time I wanted to NOT hijack a thread I started a new thread for a topic that had appeared in a thread that had nothing to do with that topic. It would have helped every single user who browsed the forum because they would have seen the topic. And what did you do Fredo? You deleted that thread. Why? Because “the topic already existed”. But it was off-topic, in another thread, so people unaware of it won’t see it now.

Claiming what I have done isn’t the same as explaining which words were offensive or how the language used was impolite or immature. Here’s a question for you: Do you think I’ll repeat my mistake (from this last post) seeing that I can’t remember what I wrote, and nobody is telling anybody exactly what was written that was unacceptable? Nobody learns anything from this.

Here’s me making a point in a civilized manner: You’re being very dishonest in your description of this. People who have been around for a while know exactly what’s going on.

And for the record: I’ve been a paying Steinberg customer since around 2001. That’s 14 years of giving Steinberg my money. I haven’t received a single cent in return for finding bugs that should have been found, nor for talking to other users trying to help them be more efficient, or solve problems. Or for defending and promoting Nuendo on the Avid forum (“duc”) despite being in a minority. Or doing the same on Gearslutz; from explaining how Nuage is well worth the money compared to Avid’s offerings, to explaining how Control Room makes external controllers less necessary, or promoting MediaBay as a viable alternative to SoundMiner, to telling people how awesome it is that Nuendo got built in ADR and ReConform functionality… I did all of that because I like the product quite a bit, and respect the users that I meet here because they seem like nice people.

Your moderation however is just soiling all of that.

How many users do you have frequenting this forum? What’s the amount of contribution you see? Do you want users to contribute here and give advice or not? Perhaps you should just straight up tell me if you think my contribution is worth it or not, because I hate censorship. If I really had been rude you’d have known it, and it would have been fair to delete my post. But I wasn’t. I was speaking the truth and all you could muster was tacit support because you clearly have an issue with me personally, which goes back years and years to the old forum.

Do you want me here or not. I’m not going to stop criticizing the company if I’m going to post here. You can just forget that.

If this was about maturity then the grown-ups in question would be able to handle the criticism, and if they had “a case” they’d be able to use logic and reasoning to explain why I was inaccurate in my description.

Curiously, we see none of that. What we see is deleted threads and edited posts. And you imply that I’m immature?

Relax, take your pill.

You asked for a clarification, a definition, of what can be said and what not.
That is exactly what I wrote down.
Which is something different than pointing the finger to you.
As I said, I have not removed that portion of your post and i have no idea what was in it.

Sit down, relax take a deep breath and enjoy your weekend.


Was the above a mature response? “Polite” perhaps? I bet I could get away with saying that to you, right?

No, it isn’t. I asked for “examples of”. You didn’t give examples of what constitutes “unprofessional”, you just used other vague terms. We’re back where we started. I even asked you in PMs a long time ago, and just like then there’s no answer. “Unprofessional” is what you don’t like. That’s it. No standard. Because it’s really the message, not the wording, regardless of what you say.

But you know you’d make the same call.

Yeah, you do the same buddy.

So how about those VCA fader :open_mouth:

Sorry Lydiot, as Fredo said. leys get back on topic,.

Ah, I see. I guess you could state your criticisms more openly on Gearslutz or other. This is Steinberg’s own forum and if they wish to edit a post, it’s their right to do so.