[ISSUE] Video Engine crashing in 6.5.3


Video Engine still crashes in the new 6.5.3 update.

I am running Mac OS 10.8.5, Blackmagic card with 10.2 driver and N 6.5.3.

I have tried feeding MP4 and Apple ProRes, both without success. The crash of the Video Engine now occurs every time I load up N6, within about 2 minutes, even before I start doing anything at all (so I haven’t even pressed play yet).

Kinda at the point where N6 is unusable with this. Going to contemplate patching in the N 5.5 Video Engine component and see what happens. Also going to try another codec (EG Apple Intermediate, which is less demanding on disk/data).

Any suggestions anyone?


EDIT: I have tried the N5.5 Videoengine and it will not run in N6.5.3. I am basically totally stuck now.

Video working perfectly here with and without Blackmagic cards.
Have not seen any reports like that from other users, so I think it’s pretty safe to say that it is very probably a problem with your setup. Otherwise, nobody would be able to use the video engine, right?


Video engine crahes have been a problem for a couple of users and it has been a regular issue on the forums.
On one of my machines the engine always crashes when I boot up Nuendo for the first time. I can start to work when I fire up Nuendo again.


Hi again,

A little update on my progress.

I decided to re-install N6.53 from the complete ISO files provided kindly by SB on their website. Not the update, but the full install.

After finding the Videoengine still crashing (after the re-install), I opened the Nuendo package in OSX Finder, and swapped in the N5.5 video engine bundle. Not hugely surprised to find, however, that N6.53 wouldn’t run at all. Crash on launch.

Now, during that swap-in process in OSX Finder, I had to authenticate - a situation that is probably correct but which I had nevertheless not seen the previous times I tried the swaps.

After seeing that the old video engine does not run with N6.53, I swapped back the original N6.53 engine which I had preserved. This time, OSX did NOT ask me to authenticate. Interesting…

Now I find the video engine is NOT crashing. Yet.

I offer no explanation here - just a report on my actions and the results. I am not criticising or praising - just reporting.

Anyway, I am NOT seeing crashing at the moment. As I say, I do not offer an explanation, just observation. I will report back if this changes, as we all need to share information, right?


Created a new user on OSX and running N6.5.3 from there. The video engine crash disappeared for a while but has started returning - albeit much less frequently. Anyone else still getting this issue?

The video engine is crashing here too since v6.0.x
It uses to crash when I change the sample rate, when I use programs such as Dirac or Audio HiJack, and sometimes it just crashes.

It’s been reported by mysefl and other users lots of times. According to SB, it seems to be RME related, but I have to test it.

Here Nuendo crashes too since 6 because video engine… and no RME running, so…

I’ve been working with the good folks at Steinberg support for a while with this issue. I have the Blackmagic Intensity Pro card in a Mac as well. They think it might be related to Flip4Mac or the Blackmagic Codec. They also thought Perian was at fault, so I uninstalled it with no change. I use Flip4Mac and would hate to take it off my machine.

Crashing here as well…

Here it crashes even when I have selected another vide output driver, so I don’t think that it’s Blackmagic related.

Maybe a bit premature to post this… but… not had a video crash since moving the video files from external drive to internal HD.

In my case, it uses to crash when I change the sample rate, so it’s not video file related at all.

Same here Antonio. When I open a project with different sample rate than actual, video engine crashes.

Looks like a pattern.

Can others do this test please?


I have had the perian/flip4mac idea as well, so I took them off my machine at no avail. They are probably not the problem.


thank you all for the reports. This still seems to be a huge problem. It would be great to narrow down the problem
if anyone involved here could just confirm what his problem is. I have seen that it may depends on different sample
rates. Anyone else running into other, reproducible problems?

I have marked this an issue.


More issues:

A few words about it: everything works great until I press mute in the video track or the video ends.
I’m using a black magic video card. If I switch to the internal output, it starts stuttering again.

Definitely I’ve observed the video engine crashes always when a sample rate change occurs. If I open a project with a different sample rate than the actual, video engine crashes. No problems with video track mute or file end.


Although annoying for everyone else, I am glad I am not alone with this!

It has reduced significantly (but NOT disappeared) since I created a new user on OSX (10.8.5) and run N6.5 from there.
Crashes still do occur randomly. RANDOMLY. They can occur without me touching anything. Sometimes straight after loading a project. There may be something in my previous user setup that was adding to the problem, as it is less often now (days without a crash touch wood).

I do NOT have Flip4Mac installed.
I do have Apple’s Compressor 4 installed.
I also have FCPx installed (but can’t imagine this is doing anything as it never runs concurrently)
The project originated in an earlier version of Nuendo (IE has evolved form an older project)
Not many plugins, mainly a small selection of Waves and VSL plugins. This setup is my “video slave” and runs pretty lean.

I use Blackmagic Studio Deck card with the Blackmagic Desktop driver package installation for the drivers. I run at 48k and NEVER change my sample rate, not even by accident (so far!). My sound card is MOTU based. I was running a rather ageing 2408 PCIe setup but have switched to a 828Mark3 as I was suspecting issues with the PCIe card. This is clocked to an external WC server.

Interestingly, non of these things (sound cards etc) were any different when I ran N5, with NO video engine crashes.

Codecs I have used:
Mainly Apple Prores, or Prores Proxy. Also MP4 files encoded offsite by my clients. I usually transcode to Apple Prores to enable smoother running and less CPU overhead. Running at 720P and 25fps (although the Studio Deck BM card seems to indicate 50fps.

Hope these data help, Timo.