[ISSUE] Video import broken in 8.0.30, OSX Mavericks

Alright… So here’s a small rant to start with:
Seriously I’m just so awfully tired of new updates where standard functions in Cubase that have been working fine since forever, all of a sudden are broken and don’t work anymore… For real, Steinberg!? What’s going on here??

End of rant.
Start of proper issue description:

Mac OS X 10.9.5 (Mavericks). Cubase Pro 8.0.30. Importing a Quicktime video of any kind and putting it on a video track does not work anymore and freezes Cubase.


  1. Make sure the 8.0.30 update is installed.
  2. Open Cubase and start an empty project
  3. Add a video track and press F8 to open the video window.
  4. Go to the Pool and click import. Try importing any Quicktime video file.
  5. Experience a rainbow ball of death, along with a barber pole loading bar saying “Video service is currently not responsive / Waiting for video service…”. If you click abort there’s an error message. See attached screenshot. If you do nothing, nothing happens.
  6. After clicking Abort, try importing a new video file. Does not work.

This happens with any video file I try to import into Cubase Pro 8.0.30. The same also happens when trying to open up ANY Cubase project that contains a video file.

Downgrading to 8.0.20 made video import work again.
Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 18.43.43.png

I’ve experienced the same problem. I contacted Steinberg support here in Canada and was told to go back to 8.0.20
until the next update. I work scoring for tv so this was a real issue. They sent a my system report to Germany. Apparently it looks like 8.5 might be released sometime in December. Also a fix for OS X El Capitan compatibility
should be released around that time as well. In the meantime I’m back to 8.0.20 on OS X Yosemite and all is well.

I can report that 8.5 has the same video import issue as 8.0.30.
Still stuck on 8.0.20 with OS X Yosemite. Not very happy. :-/

How did you get back to Elements 8.0.20? Can’t find it anywhere :frowning: