[Issue] Video service is currently not responsive

Hi all,

I hope nobody deletes this thread again.

I have a non resolved problem in Nuendo with the video driver. Randomly, in the middle of a session or opening one, Nuendo lost the connection with a video service and gives you a dialog with the message “Video service is currently not responsive”. It happens either you are working with video or not. I have a Blackmagic Intensity Pro card, but it happens even if it’s not selected as video output.

This is a major PITA, and makes Nuendo UNRELIABLE when you want to use video in your session, so I hope it will be fixed soon.

Anybody having this issue?



Yes, I’ve seen this several times. Just had it happen in the middle of a take, had to close N6 and restart the program, not cool in front of clients! john.

Yes, you’re right, ain’t cool with the client in the room.

No problem here since 6.0.6, but I’m using this version only for two days, so I must wait for…

I don’t remember seeing this until recently (6.0.5, maybe 6.0.4…?). I upgraded to 6.0.6 yesterday. I left a small project open all night (no video) and found this “unresponsive video” warning this morning…

Just had this again, it seems to happen on my system if Nuendo is left open for a while with no project open. Would love to hear if you guys are taking a look at this TImo! John.

I’m back to 6.0.5. Video is broken too, but I don’t have the EuCon bug

Yes! I got this but with 6.06 too.

Great :imp:

Same problem here, since 6.0.6 ‘Video service not responsive’ happens every day. We are running 6.0.6 on 2 different systems, one with a Decklink card (Mac Pro) and one on the internal videocard (Mac Book Pro) and it happens on both systems.
Very frustrating, because restarting N6 when recording to picture with actors and clients in the studio is not something I like to do (every day)……
Please Steinberg, solve this problem in N6.0.7!!!


I have seen this on one of our systems running N6.06. Believe I see it more upon closing a session, have not had video service disconnect in middle of session. Using Decklink SDI card, ProRes/LT, video playing off SAN.

Same thing here two days ago, but with N5.5.6, when trying to close Nuendo.

I experience this “Waiting for video-service”- issue on both of my systems (1 in studio, 1 mobile)once in a while, and I can’t find any consistence in it………it always happens when quiting, and even when I’m not using video………

Niek/ Amsterdam.

To me it always happens when I’m in the middle of a project, so not on quit or when I’m having a break. External monitor goes black or freezes and the message appears.
I always use .MOV files with Photo Jpeg codec. What videofiles/codecs are you guys using? And is it a Mac thing or does it happens on Widows as well?


I use MP4 and H264, but it happens even without any video file, so it’s not a file related problem.

Do you guys use any additional video services that run in the background?
I think programmes like Air Server or Air display might interfere.


Not here.

A Steinberg dealer in Spain told me that it’s a “Quicktime related issue”, but I don’t have any clue.

He may be right. It is happening here with N5.5.6 and N6.0.6 and has only recently started to happen (over perhaps the last month).

The strange thing is that I have 5 macs here (3 with blackmagic intensity pro) and have only seen this twice (once after I installed air server) and once after switching between projects.

All of them run N in 32 bit mode, though.


I wish they would figure this out and do a hot fix. It’s really affecting my workflow, having to quit and restart several times a day. I’ve also noticed that my Steinberg FW driver fails to load about 25% of the time, forcing me into “AirPlay” as the VST connection. Never had these problems before Mavericks / Nuendo 6. I’d say Apple changed something and didn’t document it well enough for the programmers.

I’m having that issue on Mountain Lion, so I don’t think you should blame Apple. My guess: it won’t be fixed any time soon.