[ISSUE] VoiceDesigner plugin WET lowcut filter

Hi all, very strange thing happening with VoiceDesigner plugin :

  • I originally started with the “I lost my voice” preset, the filters for WET are set to 617Hz / 7,7KHz (I set the volume knob to -6dB instead of the 0dB in the preset)
  • I couldn’t understand why the pluggin was sounding more and more wrong over the days but here is what I found !
  • It seems that every time I save a new incremented version of my .npr, the value of the LowCut Filter on the WET goes donw a bit and is saved like that
  • So, in three days of regular saving, the value has gone from 617Hz (default value for that “I lost my voice” preset) down to 111Hz this morning without ever opening the plugin !

Can anyone try to confirm this issue ?

Best regards

Simple repro :

  • create a project with a VoiceDesigner plugin insterted, choose “I lost my voice” preset.
  • lowcut filter for WET should read 617Hz
  • save project with VoiceDesigner plugin open
  • close / re-open project

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Thanks Dietz, I just can’t seem to figure out this new forum… :smiley:

Hi Yannick,

I can confirm the bug and also made an entry in our bug base.


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Sorry Steve, I don’t understand a single thing that’s written in your quote ! :slight_smile:
I can see you’re trying to help me out.
What’s pin/unpin ?
What’s the “pushpin by the title [image]”
I’m a Nuendo user since V2 (2001) and was a bit active in the old forum but these last years I have so much studio work and so little time to post/read that the change of forum got me lost.
Best regards