Issue - VST Live Project content totaly deleted after freeze/crash


I have experienced this issue twice now with a project I am working on.

VST Live frooze and was unresponsive when I tried playback on a track and I have no idea exactly when and what happened, so I had to end task in Task Manager (running Win 10).

When I opened the project again it is totally empty, filesize is 0 KB and everything is gone.
I had a look in Win logs but found no system or application errors.

Could not find dump files for todays issue but found old dmp that may be the same issue - see below. There is also another bigger file too big to attach (4 MB).

VST Live Version 1.1.20 2022.12.10 (1.0 MB)


That sounds bad indeed. When an application freezes, it cannot write a dump, but of course we’ll have a look and check to see if we can find anything.
Meanwhile the question is if you have a backup of your project? VST Live will create a backup file before you save which you can rename to end with “.vlprj”. Could it be that you were just saving the project when it froze?
In any case, pls. try again with the new version. Should this or similar problems persist pls. let us know.

Can I suggest an auto-save feature every few minutes? Obviously not when the transport is running.

While this is on the list, it’s a bit tricky for this kind of application. Of course we should trust apps that we use on stage, but autosave is not suggested when performing a live concert. The Save operation needs to protect certain areas from beeing accessed by realtime operations, so in rare cases it may cause dropouts.
We may however combine this with a lock feature we are planning, which protects functions (as set by the user) to accidently be applied during a performance; it would then automatically disable auto save when activated.

Hi @Hackej

Thank you for your Crash File. We have analysed it and this problem is already fixed with the latest version (VL 1.1.30). Please update to that one and let us know if you still experience any new crashes.

… please send it to m.spork (at)

See you,


I personally like the type of simple save function you can find Notepad++ etc.; ”Save a copy as…”, wich makes it easy to save a backup copy but still be able to continue work on the current project.



Thanks for the reply and I will install new updates and check to see if everything works fine.
The bigger dump file is from the same crash so if it’s already fixed maybe it wont’ be needed…or?


… Ok. Let us know if something goes wrong again,

Good point, will add.

Great, thanks!