(Issue) VST preventing cubase from opening

Thank you in advance! You guys are always so helpful!!!

First of all, where do I send my crash dumps?

When I open a new session with my template, cubase does just fine. However, any older session and it flips out before even being able to open.

When is says loading Mix Console, I can see it loading up all of my VEPRO instances, but for some reason whenever it gets to one in particular, I get the dreaded “A Serious Problem Has occurred. Please try to save your project under another name and restart cubase 7.5.exe” Error.

Then the progress bar just goes in circles indefinately and never loads that instrument. Then Cubase stops working and crashes.

Now, I’m not sure it the error is interrupting the the loading of the mix console, or that particular instances is causing the error, but I am essentially locked out of all my old sessions.

I have sent crash dumps to Steinberg many times, I have since stopped holding my breath. Smile (I’m sure they’re busy) and I have tried opening in safe mode, uninstalling and re installing. Renaming the project file, renaming the metaframe, and nothing has seemed to work.

I can open a blank session and then open the problematic sessions as a second NON ACTIVATED project which allows me to drag the files into my new session, but because the session is primarily MIDI files and they are set to musical time base, if I drag them over without an exact tempo track, they relocate to the new tempo track in the working session.

My specs are the following:

PC 12 core Main System:
2x E5-2640 / 32 Gbs RAM
Windows 7 Ultimate
Cubase 7.5
All SSD’s


3 x Intel i7 4820K Ivy Bridge Quad Core slaves
64gbs of RAM each and All SSD’s