Issue/Weird: CC Control of VSTi Quick Controls, doesn't forward to actual Quick Controls

1a.)Open VST Instruments window
1b.)Open HalionSE
2.)Use MIDI Insert ‘MIDI Control’
3.) Set up values as Halions defaults to CC contro QCs.
–QC1: 74
–QC1: 71
–QC1: 73
–QC1: 72
–QC1: 75
–QC1: 76
–QC1: 77
–QC1: 78
4.)Move the ‘MIDI Control’ values
-You will see the QCs in Halion itself move, but the QCs in the VST Instruments window not move.


That might be important to note, because, using something like AutoLFO, there’s no way to get it to control an “actual quick control”, it can only do CC, thus only being able to target the VStis internal QCs, not Cubase protocol QCs. the only way around that I can think of is to use a MIDI loopback out of Cubase and back into Cubase Quick Control mapping