Issue: Weird control surface behavior

is anyone experiencing any weird behavior with their control surface? I have an old Tascam us2400 (which as tascam always does, drops the product after like a year). i run W7 and it operates normally in C4. In C6 it works but does a small weird thing. the pan knobs have a rotary LED ring that will lightly flash periodically on most of the tracks. everything still functions and the pan knobs still show their position just with flashing on the other LEDs. any thoughts?


Hi Dean,
I too am using a US 2400 with Cubase 6 and Win7 but I can’t get the unit to respond at all. I have used this desk with previous builds of Cubase without any problem. Did you have to do anything special or unusual to get it to interface?
Any observations or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.