Issue when changing Metadata Presets


When changing and updating (resaving) an existing “Metadata preset” (for a Audio Montage in this case), without changing the name it, it is automatically removed from any “Audio File Format” presets with reference to it for metadata “Specific for this configuration”.
The “Meta-data preset” in the “Audio File Format” configuration is renamed “Untitled”, and the Format preset is marked with asterisk for being changed, see pic 2 below.

In the case below I put “JP start test” (thanks Justin) as the Meta-Data preset for a specific Format configuration.
I then went to the Metadata tab and made som minor changes to the preset and saved it again using “Save as”, as there was no “Save” option.
When going back to the AM and checking the Format preset it looks like this:

This happens to any Audio Montage that has a reference to the specific Metadata preset that has been changed.

  • Should there not be a “Save” option when changing an exisiting Metadata preset?
  • If name is not changed, should not the “Audio Format Preset” still refer to the same Metadata preset as before, even though it has been changed/updated?

How to recreate (in my case anyway):

  • Open/fix an Audio Montage with a “Single Format” “Audio File Format” preset set to “Specific to This Configuration” and linked to an existing Metadata preset
  • Go to Metadata tab and open preset via “Edit”
  • Make any minor change to the Metadata preset and save it as an updated version of the preset with same name, i.e overwrite previous version
  • Open up “Edit Single Format" again and the Meta-Data preset previously chosen has been replaced by “Untitled” and you have to choose correct metadata preset again and store the “Audio File Format” preset again in order to get correct metadata.