Issue when coloring while Track List is Divided

I understand thi isn’t a common big issue (it may even be intended) but it’s a major issue for my workflow, happening in basically every project I make.

When I have activated Divide Track List coloring events doesn’t work as normal. If I wan’t to color (using the top Color Menu) a certain event in the upper half while some other track in the lower half is still selected they are both colored. Compared to working without Division, where you only color the event and not the track (unless no events are selected).

It would seem reasonable to me that the function still works as normal, even when using Divide Track List.

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Could you please write step by step description?


  • New Project.
  • Divide Track List
  • Add two tracks and move one to the upper division (usually I have an Arranger Track up top and an Audio/Instrument in the lower).
  • Since mostly working in the lower division, whatever track is below will be selected. So in this example, select the lower track.
  • Then add an event to the Track up top (without selecting the track)
  • Using the Color Menu, color the new event.
  • Since the lower track is still selected it will be colored together with the upper event.

This doesn’t happen if the two tracks are in the same division, as Cubase knows to only color a track if no event is selected.

Hope that was clear.


Sorry, I cannot reproduce it here.

Where is the track division focus, please? Where is the dotted focus white line and where is the full focus white line, please?

Could you make a video screen recording, please?

I just came in looking to submit this issue. Here’s a video capture of the problem in action - my problem case is slightly different (Video, Marker and Arranger tracks up-top, coloring markers for video ref moments) but Kevin’s steps to reproduce seem spot on.

This is on Nuendo 11.0.41.

I am having a similar/the same issue. I think it is because somehow the event in the track above the divider line is still selected somehow, so when clicking on an event below the divider line, both events are then still selected, and, thus, colored. My workaround is to explicitly unselect anything above the divider line by clicking in the empty space above the divider line, but below the last track in the section above the divider line. That seems to unselect any events above the divider line, and I can then safely click on events/tracks below the divider line and color those (and only those).

Same here.
The track division does not seem to work as to be expected.
Had a lot of confusing moments with it…

I’ll make a video, but for me at least things are working as expected. It’s just that it doesn’t make a lot of sense for my workflow. The main issue, I’ve figured out, is that the divisions work separately with selecting events (but not tracks).

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