Issue when exporting midi from cubase

I have a midi event in cubase which I need to shorten at the end of the song.

Now I export the song via VST Live menu and I import it in VST Live. The event is longer than what I do in cubase.

I think that the VST Live export from cubase is taken into account the end marker :

… we’ll check. Thank you,

Hi Michael,

I’m facing several crash since last version.
I already created a post for a crash after importing tracks song.

Now, I face a crash when I add a plugin in Mixer view, open the song and add insert…

… are new crash logs saved? Can you share them with us?

Thank you,

No unfortunately, there is no crash log
The folder is empty

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… okay, @magicguigui. Can you always reproduce it? Has it maybe something to do with a specific plug-in? Which one?


It is always.
Import track song or plugin

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What you mean by “import”? new song, open mixer, insert e.g. “Auto Pan” anywhere, no crash.
It would be helpful if you could provide a few more details, thanks.

I mean SONG > Import song project (track only).

I tried with several plugins and I have always crash :

And still no crash file saved…

I tested with V1.4.8

Ok…so then how did you create the file you imported?

From cubase, export with VST Live > Export feature in cubase

Hi @magicguigui,

we are a bit lost. Can you please give us a step-by-step reproduction?

That’s what I am doing.

  1. Start Cubase, New Project
  2. Add Audio Track
  3. Use “Menu / File / VST Live / Export Project …” and save to folder xyz
  4. Start VL, New Project
  5. Menu / Song / Import SONG Project (TRACKS only) select project from folder xyz
  6. Select TRACKS, Select SONG Channel
  7. Load built-in Plug-In “Chorus”

No crash. No problems. What am I missing?

Thank you,