Issue when loading projects directly when Cubase is closed (Win10)

Hi, I have been noticing this a bit more often… Can’t remember when I started noticing it…
issue - when opening a Cubase project from file explorer while Cubase is closed. I have noticed that Cubase may not fully load and hang somewhere in the process. Today I was waiting for a project to load, it seemed to take longer than usual but when I looked at Task Explorer Cubase was maxed on memory (12gb) and the project is only around 4 GB.
I also noticed this on a simple default project I had (only a few effects inserts).

notes- I have no issues like this when I load projects when Cubase is already opened.


The project file (CPR) doesn’t contain the sample libraries. So the CPR file can be much smaller than the needed RAM. Actually if the CPR file is 4GB, there it’s really quite a big one.

To get more information, could you use Microsoft ProcDump utility, please? Hopefully it will generate a file to show, what’s going on if Cubase hangs while loading.