Issue: When opening Cubase 10 up on Mac w/Mojave, computer is temporarily inoperable and C10 startup is very slow.

Cubase 10 makes Mac inoperable for a lot of it’s time starting up, and also takes a long time to open compared to High Sierra. This issue does not happen on any other DAW I use/try (Reaper, Studio One, Logic) on the same Mac w/Mojave. Yes, I’ve allowed both Cubase 10 and eLicenser to control the computer in Mac Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy.

To Reproduce:
Simply start/open Cubase 10 on a Mac that has Mojave.

I have the same issue. Also tested with Audition and Studio One with no problems. I reverted back to High Sierra and the problem is gone.

Can you log a support ticket with Steinberg? I have multiple issues with Mojave and Cubase 10. It seems others do too - hopefully Steinberg are aware of these issues but if not then the more of us that log tickets the better.

I have the exact same issue also.

No problems on start on Kontakt or different music programs but cubase 10(on mac mojave). Please solve this problem.

The more people respond to this post the better chance it has to actually make a difference. Every single person I know on C10 and Mojave has this problem, and they also don’t experience it on any other audio program/DAW on their Macs. We need a fix ASAP – this is a very serious issue for me and I’m sure others.

This is so frustrating… spending a lot of money to get good products, to be up to date, but in the end everything work worse…
And in the end why should spend my time downgrading, doing a lot of work because they dont test their sh1t before launching… I talk about osx too…
Please, Steinberg, do something about it… and let us know what to expect… this problem is way to big…

I’ve been informed by Steinberg Support today that this is a known issue with MacOS Mojave and that it needs a fix in the OS.
Apparently it’s also affecting Logic X and Garage Band. I don’t use either of these so can’t confirm.
They’ve asked me to download the latest Mojave 10.14.3 update and test with Cubase.
However I’m running High Sierra for the time being as I’m in the middle of an album project and need stability.
Has anyone installed 10.14.3 and can confirm if this fixes this issue or not?

Interesting. I wonder why it’s not an issue with the other DAWs I mentioned? I also called my friend who’s on Logic and he never had the issue on Mojave…hmmm! I’ll try the latest version of Mojave tonight and report back later.

Just upgraded to Mojave 10.14.3 and it’s still the same problem – very long startup time and freezing the computer on and off during it. Since it doesn’t happen with all of these other DAWs (aside from Logic for some people, apparently) I’m wondering if it’s a Cubase issue that can be fixed. I logged a report a few days ago but haven’t heard back from back from Steinberg on any report I’ve sent in the past year or so, so I’m not holding my breath.

it’s a very major issue for me here since I’m always on very tight deadlines and have to re-start Cubase often because you often can’t load up huge projects back-to-back without crashing (a known issue for many years now) .

I hope Steinberg is trying to solve it with Apple/get Apple to solve it.

Not had long to test yet, but after upgrading to 10.14.3 it does not seem any different to me either.

Same here 10.14.3 Cubase 10 Mojave. Logic starts fine as Studio One; Reaper; Ableton Live

Thanks for taking the time to confirm.
As Steinberg are apparently aware of this hopefully this will be resolved in the next Cubase / MacOS updates.
To be honest I’ve kind of given up on my support ticket - It’s not really going anywhere and I’m being asked to perform lots of irrelevant tests.

At least we know it’s a relevant issue. Let’s hope Steinberg is on it in a significant way.

I think our support did read the issue wrong (and thus the wrong answer) and we already have a fix for this which should appear in the next update.


When is the next update roughly?

Excellent – thank you for letting us know!

This seems fixed for me with the latest update.