Issue when saving. File is called '1 File' not 'CRP File'

Lately I have been getting this a fare bit. When I save a project the file is called ‘1 File’ not ‘CPR File’. And it will not allow me to add decimal e.g. xxx 2.1. It is saved as ‘xxx 2’. See pic. It loads okay but is somewhat disconcerting.
Save issue

I guess you saved the file without the .cpr extension and just named it “2.1” and now Windows thinks that .1 is the file extension. Switch on file extensions in the explorer to see:

(sorry, only german windows version here :wink: )

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The file type in Windows is shown based on the file extension. So the file ‘1 File’ is named ‘somefile.1’ on the disk

Try renaming this file in Windows to ‘somefile.cpr’ and it will be shown correctly.

The problem is in Windows the file extension is hidden by default, you can easily make it visible.

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Thanks guys!. I am now reassured that projects are saving correctly.

I did this as you described and the file ‘Type’ is now showing CRP. :+1: Although the name is still showing ‘somefile.cpr’.

In future I’ll make a note not to delete the file extension. :grin: