[ISSUE]Window set-up not recalled

1 - New project
2 - Click Set up window layout
3 - Status + info clicked
4 - project saved.
5 - Cubase closed
6 - Cubase open
7 . Project open
8 - Status + info previously set up not saved and has to be set up again

Cubase 8
Win 7
Dual Monitor
P7i prosessor
Waves Mercury

I have seen this issue as well.

Same here. Thought I was just hallucinating…

the new windows are an absolute mess on windows 7


the “Setup Window Layout” changes are not saved with the project, but are general settings. In my system those settings work as expected, unless I am misunderstanding something from the OP.

Does anyone care to provide more info or, if possible, upload a gif or video showing the issue?


Same here. I always have to start fiddling around with my window setup, to get it back the way it was, regardless if I’ve loaded a project or created a new one. I use two displays and prefer having the project window to the right and mixer/plugins etc to the left. This was never a problem in 6.5, the version I updated from. Whenever I loaded a project or template- SMACK- everything was there just the way I left it.

Me too. For a very simple example, deselect the “status line”. Save, close, reopen, reload. It’s back. That preference can’t be saved in preferences, and it also cannot be saved in a workspace, as far as I can tell.

On my system, the “status line” finally stayed disappeared with I realized that one of the headings was highlighted and was asking for action: “setup studio” or something like that. Now the status line stays disappeared, though oddly it changed and now only shows 4 options in the Setup dialog (right click on status line): Record Time, Record File Format, Project Frame Rate, and Project Pan law.

Same here. On opening, the window settings are something I have never set when saving !

Same issue on Mac Os 10.9.5. C8 has SO many bugs, and multiple crashes due to incompatibility with 3rd party vendors, like Slate, UA, NI. Installing Strummed acoustic was a disaster.
I’ll open a previously worked on project, and my main GUI will be truncated, as if it wants to put the Rack back in. I’ve saved the same template 10 times now, and issues still occur. Has anyone had C8 crash simply by clicking on a track in the Inspector area?

Windows 8.1 64BIT, working with 4 monitors tried using Cubase 8.0, 8.05 and 8.010 similar problem

I can’t “lock” a mixer on one of the screens, neither the main project window - in other words, if I press on F3 to open my main mixer and I drag it from my main monitor to a different monitor, once I press on F3 to hide for a moment, and then press F3 to show it again, it jumps back to my main screen, now since I work with all 3 mixers, it becomes IMPOSSIBLE to work, since I need to re-arrange the windows after every single time that I show/hide a mixer or just open a project.

also, I can’t put any of the mixer to work in a “full screen” mode, as I used with Cubase 7.5

I already purchased Cubase 8 couple months ago now, but can’t work with it, I wrote to Steinberg support about this at the day Cubase 8 was released, and they said that they will work on it. In the meantime, it’s useless, disappointing and I went back working with 7.5 in the meantime…