Issue with 5.0.20 (longer time for pasting notes)

I’m experiencing considerably longer times for pasting notes during the copy/paste function after updating to 5.0.20. Is anyone else experiencing this?


In general this is not something that I would expect or have seen others reporting. Please provide us with more information, and ideally a project in which the problem can be reproduced. Check also whether the problem appears to be limited to a single project on your computer, or whether it seems to be a more general problem.


Issue Test.dorico (1.6 MB)

Hi Daniel, thanks for answering!

I just attached a project where I’m seeing it. I’m seeing it in all my current projects (which use this template). But If I create a new one without instruments or using one of the default templates the issue doesn’t happen.

I’m pretty sure it was pasting faster before the update, I could try going back to the previous version if you need confirmation of this. I get a similar delay with the undo function.

I’m on a PC, Windows 10, 64gb RAM, and i7 87.00.

Just let me know if you need more info on this.

Can confirm an unusually long time to paste anything in this project on my end, too.


I’m afraid I can’t confirm. I opened my biggest orchestral project and copied a couple of minutes of music in its entirety and it all went quicker if anything than what I’m used to. I don’t know whether the time increases the longer the project has been open, by any chance?

In the project you attached, copying the entire score takes barely 2 seconds on my elderly machine.

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I can confirm, same as dko22 here. 2 seconds to copy paste the whole thing, and less than a second when using R (which is weird — I didn’t think it would be that faster)


Also even faster here with R – which is what I tend to mainly use when copying where possible but here I wanted to replicate conventional copy/paste


I also just encountered a slow paste issue in an older file from the previous Dorico 5 version.


I’ve love to know what caused this as a side effect. Writing software is a b***, and that’s a fact.

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Thank you everyone for taking the time to test this out. Yes, R works as normal (fast) on my end as well.

Are you on Windows or Mac? I assume the OS is a big factor here.

And it happens as soon as you open the project and try to use the copy/paste.

Windows 10

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I want to report some findings regarding this issue:

  1. When you turn off the playback engine for the project the issue stops, so it’s linked to the engine somehow.
  2. I tried different playback engines, all produce the same issue. So it doesn’t seem to be linked to any particular VST.
  3. The more instruments I delete from the project I shared, the faster the copy/paste works. So the amount of instruments is a factor.
  4. I can confirm this happens with all my projects, even if I start from a new default template, the factor are: turning on the playback engine and the number of instruments.
  5. This didn’t happen with the previous update.

Is there a way to go back to the previous version?

just download/install the previous Version (eventually delete present version)

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Just a quick word to confirm that with the exact same project, copy-pasting is very slow (up to 5 seconds) in Dorico 5, but when I open it again in Dorico 4, it’s super fast :frowning:

I’m on Windows 10, Dorico is connected to VE Pro 7.


Dorico 5 has lots more features than Dorico 4, maybe that’s the reason it got a bit slower.

Dorico 5 was working well for me in that regard with the previous version. So I’m not sure it’s a Dorico 5 thing, but rather something that changed with the last update.

We’ve fixed the underlying issue that causes some editing operations to be slower than expected in large selections (the same issue that causes e.g. Double/Halve Note Values to be much slower than in Dorico 4) and this fix will be included in the next update, when it arrives.


That’s awesome! Thanks a lot Daniel!