Issue with a note being held - I cannot find the source


I’m having this weird issue with notes being played and held and I cannot figure out what is triggering them. So I apologize if I am not giving you all the details, because I’m not sure what details are important.

I have a project with about 20 MIDI tracks that are all using the East West VSTs. I also have Expression Maps on almost all of the tracks. Everything has been working fine for the past couple of weeks.

Recently, I did some fine-tuning of the tracks by adding some automation with the Mod wheel. I also made a couple of small changes to one or two Expression Maps.

When I start the piece from the beginning, after a measure or two, the horn and sometimes the trombone will hold a very soft low note, even though they are not playing (they have no MIDI data being sent to them, as far as I can tell.) Then the piece plays for a few more measures and the horn and trombone play. Then I stop the piece and I no longer hear (or see in the mixer) any notes. I then click the Go to Previous Marker button on the transport to move the cursor back to the beginning of the piece - that is when I hear the note being held again.

From the menu, I select MIDI -> Reset and that doesn’t usually stop the note from being held.

If I mute out the track that, I still hear it being played - I confirm that it is playing by seeing its level in the mixer.

I think I had messed up the other day by accidentally turning on Write Automation on all the tracks. I’ve since gone through and I think I’ve removed all the extra automation - I want to keep the Mod wheel that I recorded on some tracks.

Any ideas what I may have done to cause this and/or what I can do to diagnose the issue?

Thank you so much for the help.


Try to increase or decrease your Buffer Size, please. This is known with EastWest. It doesn’t process the notes will, sometimes.