Issue with a saved project post crash when opening

recently I had a Windows 11 computer crash and had to reinstall the operating system which went smooth.

I reinstalled Cubase 13 pro and when opening my most recent project that was saved on another drive that was not in effected by the crash. I reinstalled all of my plug-ins, effects and instruments. The HOFA plug-ins did not playback correctly all of its settings went to default. it seemed to me that the project file was effected which didn’t make any sense.

When I played older projects prior to the crash date using those plug-ins everything sounded fine. I have no idea why this happened. when I examines the
C: drive, I double checked to make sure that my folders were correct Regarding the plug-in and instrument locations. Lined up.

Alan Russell.

Hofa Plugin support resolved the issue - I had an older version of the plugins and when I updated, everything ran perfect… Lesson learned - don’t save projects with older VST3 effects…

Alan Russell