Issue with activation email/code

So, I bought an upgrade from 7.5 to 9 and paid with PayPal. Didnt manage to copy the activation code from my browser and have been waiting for the activation email for seven days now…

The issue, however, is that doesn’t reply to my request through their web page. Have anyone had similar experiences and/or know of another, more efficient, way to get in touch with them?

Log into your Steinberg Shop account here:

Then click “Delivery status: Download” to receive your activation code.

If you’re using Gmail, take a look at your “Promotions” tab. Steinberg emails usually end up there.

Thanks for the reply, Romantique Tp.

actually, I am fairly certain of what has happened: I managed to type in my email address wrong (without the g in I have of course not access to this email account, and they have probably sent my activation code there…

Its a bit strange, though. That they haven’t yet replied to my request posted through