Issue with ASIO Link Pro connections setup

Hi all,
I just installed a new version Cubase VST 11 Element. I got an issue when setting up tracks with Audio Connections.
My external sound card is Acltron U16K MKIII.
From the Audio Connections, at the Inputs, I setup 2 buses. One bus named as Stereo In with Left / Right are LinkIn3 / LinkIn4 respectively. Another bus named as Mono In which is for Microphone connected to Acltron U16K MKIII 1.
At the Outputs, I also setup 2 buses. One bus named as Headphone with Left / Right are Acltron U16K MKIII 1 / Acltron U16K MKIII 2. Another bus named as Stereo Out with Left / Right are LinkOut3 / LinkOut4.
As I setup the sound from beats and group effect FX all go to Outputs bus Headphone. The problem with my record tracks that I cannot select the Outputs bus Headphone as an Input Routing as I want to capture whatever I hear from Headphone. For previous version VST Cubase 5 have no issue at all.
Anyone have any ideas kindly let me know, appreciate it.

Hi and welcome on the forum,

This feature (select Output bus as an Input) is Cubase Pro only, sorry.

Can I upgrade to Pro version or request for a refund because if this function not work then it is useless for me.


Yes, of course, you can upgrade to Cubase Pro.