Issue with assigning LFOs to all voices in a patch

Hello I have been facing an issue with Halion 7 and wondered if there is an issue or I am doing something wrong.

I have manually (from the cubase arrange page) dumped a pad synth sample into Halion, and mapped the sample across the entire keyboard. I then wrote a chord progression on the corresponding midi channel.

I then assigned LFO 1 to the ‘level’ parameter to modulate the volume of the patch, however LFO only modulates the upper three voices of the chord, the bottom voice’s (root note of the chord) volume does not modulate. I then swapped the ‘level’ mod parameter for pitch and the same thing happened - the pitch of the upper voices modulate but the lowest voice does not.

In the Halion patch there is only one zone available (mapped across the entire keyboard). According to the patch there are 128 voices available, I am only using 4 voices per chord at any one time.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is there something I am doing wrong? When I load a factory preset I cannot recreate this issue.