Issue with behavior of routing in inspector (Cubase 9.5)

I noticed something interesting with routing in the inspector view. Steps:

-Create 10 group tracks and an FX channel
-Move Group 10 in your project to the top of the list in your project, or reorganize these groups in any way you desire.
-In the inspector view for an FX Channel, try to assign the output to group 10
-A list of places you can route it appears, but the the groups are all in the same order in which they were created (Group 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.)

Logically, you would think Group 10 would be at the top of the list once it has been moved that way in the session.

It’s a small point, and maybe this is just a limitation with how cubase handles tracks, but from an organizational standpoint it might be easier to see the routing list in the same way it is physically organized the session.