Issue with changing input source of audio interface


I have an old creative labs sound blaster direct (mp3+) usb audio interface. When I connect it to the ipad air through a powered usb hub it is recognized fine. In GarageBand I can change the input source between the three options of the audio interface (mic, line, S/PDIF). Then I can choose the channel between left, right and stereo. It records fine from any input source.

In Cubasis the audio interface is also recognized. However I can’t find how to change the input source within the program to anything else than the mic (which it uses by default). In the inspector routing section I can change the channel from mono to stereo and 1/2 etc., but only for the mic. The interesting thing is if I go over to Garagaband while Cubasis is open and select External Line as the input source then it also changes in Cubasis and I can then record from Line input which is my aim. So it seems that the audio interface is working. It’s just that perhaps there is a lack of an option to change input source?

Thanks in advance for any assistance on the matter. :slight_smile:


Hi mkk,

Unfortunately we do not have the device at hand to give it a short check. Is the device officially supported to be CC-compatible? If so it might make sense to get in touch with Creative.



Ok I’ll try that. Thanks for your reply.


hope you can get that solved and please let us know the outcome…