Issue with Chord Assistant in Cubase 13

Hello, while using Cubase’s chord assistant, I found that the level of the G7 chord in A major is incorrect. My picture shows # 6 # 5 2 4, which is a half step up from level 6 and is # 6 # 5 # 1 # 3,
4 and # 3 are the same sound.

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What do you mean by the title? Is it another issue? Could you describe it? Better, could you rename this thread properly and make a new one with the other issue, please?

Another # 2 is also incorrect. How can a note have 5 notes? The # 2 level is # 2 4 # 6 # 1,

I read your post several times. Unfortunately I can’t figure out what you’re talking about.
Could you try and explain in more detail?

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Where is the picture?

The chord levels displayed in the Cubase Chord Assistant are at level 6 and level 2 in A major.

Your message is not understandable. The terms you are using are not correct in English.

Please upload a screenshot to illustrate what you are saying.