Issue with CMC-QC "Quick Control" knob and I/O Learn - HELP?

Hey everyone! I am new to the forum and this is my first post here. I recently won a contest on for all 6 CMC controllers and have been having fun with them.

I have a few issues, however, and maybe a Steinberg moderator or someone else can help me out. My first issue with the units is that there are no actual manuals. The manuals that they came with say nothing of how to actually use them WITH Cubase. And they’re these gigantic, multi-folded posters of unbelievable size when completely unfolded, which seems extremely pointless to me. The only two units with any kind of manual are the PD and QC, as PDF files, but they only discussed using the software that came with the units to assign their controllers. Again, not a mention of Cubase.

It also be nice if Steinberg had plans to come out with software for each unit to assign controllers to them so that they can be used with other software.

And finally, the reason for my post, is to figure out why in instructional videos I’ve seen them tap the “quick control” button on the QC, then hit I/O learn, which subsequently lights up so you can assign a knob to a quick control slot. However on my unit, the I/O learn button doesn’t light up. In fact, the ONLY time I can get it to light up is when i have “EQ” selected. Other than that, it does nothing.

Also, are Quick Control slots left out of Cubase AI 6? They’re just not there…or am I missing something?

Thanks I hope someone out there can help. :slight_smile:


I think I may have just answered my own question. Possibly it won’t activate because the feature isn’t there?