Issue with Common Time Signatures

Hello all! First time poster here in the forum. This is the first issue I’ve run into since moving to Dorico from another engraving software for over 20 years. It’s been simply amazing! My issue showed up only recently. When starting a new project, the time signatures in the ‘common’ section of the panel fail to appear correctly. Any advice on how to repopulate with the right time signatures?

Welcome to the forum, Diego. I’m glad you’re enjoying using Dorico.

That’s a very peculiar problem: it suggests you’ve made some changes to the time signatures font style in your project, I think. If you go to Library > Library Manager and select the Font Styles category on the left-hand side, do you see any differences for the Time Signatures Font?

Thank you for your response! I opened up the menu following the thread you’ve suggested. I did see a few differences in the Time Signatures Font between my project and the factory settings. I matched with the factory settings, however this did not solve the problem. I’m still seeing characters in the Common Time Signatures section where there should a list of Time Signatures.

It’s clearly some kind of font problem: If you’ve confirmed that the correct fonts are chosen for Time Signatures; make sure that they are active on your machine. Then try a restart.