Issue with condensed divisi labels

I still have troubles with labels in condensed layouts.

This is what I want ((in the parts):

I achieve this only with group condensing disabled:

As soon as I acivate “Condense divisi” or “Condense divisi and adjacent players” the solo/tutti-labels are replaced by instrument group labels:

which is not appropriate in parts.
In both cases the divisi labels’ settings are the same:

Obviously the term “section names” refers to something different if condensing is enabled. This is confusing; I wish there would be an option to control both types independently. – Or is there a way to combine divisi condensing with solo/tutti-labels at the start of systems involved?

No, I don’t believe there’s any way to achieve the labels you’re looking for. When the material is condensed, you will get staff labels that combine the instrument names and the divisi sections that are condensed.