Issue with copying singer line with text

I wanted to try to import — with XML files — a vocal score of an opera I edited two months ago in Sib. I have 19 files that correspond to the created in the previous software.
The opera in in three acts, and 17 scenes. I thought I could create one file for each act, and different flows for each scene. Since it is not possible to import XML files as different flows, I chose the very pragmatic approach : copy-paste.
There are many limitations to that approach : meter changes, double bars, measure numbering changes are not included in that approach and I have to edit a lot. BUT there is something that seems really problematic : the lyrics copied do not correspond to the right notes ! Tenor bars starting mes.70 are copied with the text the soprano sings mes.7, in another file !
This behaviour is not specific to this line. Any part with lyrics is a mess (for the lyrics) when added to the “master Dorico version”.
I think I will wait for updates (with import new file as a new flow) before completing this job — I know the vocal score will look better with Dorico’s engraving skills (the different 19 files imported are beautiful), but the additional edit is really too big for me to do it now.
I hope this feedback will be useful !

I can imagine why this might be going wrong, and I believe it will not trouble you from the next update, but it would be useful to check this. Could you send me one of the scores in which you’ve had this problem? You can email it to me if you don’t want to post it here.

Thanks Daniel for your answer. I send you the two first bits of the vocal score, they are supposed to follow… I send you also the whole piece in PDF so that you have a proper rendering as a model.

Along similar lines, one feature I would love to see in an update is that when copying/pasting, the changes in meter come along with the copied material. I’m working on a piece with somewhat frequent changes of meter, and when I try to copy and paste passages I have to re-specify all the changes, which sometimes leads to garbling/messing up of the material. Thank you.

Dorico will copy everything that you select, zmaine, so if you want to paste the meter changes etc., make sure they’re selected before you copy: you can Ctrl+click to add them to the existing selection before you copy to the clipboard.