Issue with Crossfade Editor

A small but annoying issue in the crossfade editor:

There are two buttons in the lower part of the middle section where one can activate and specify the pre-roll and post-roll length of the audio preview of the crossfade. Now when you activate the pre-roll button, listen to the crossfade, close the crossfade editor and open it again the pre-roll button will be deactivated again. So every time you open the crossfade editor you have to activate pre-roll again before you can listen to the crossfade, this is very annoying. The post-roll button however always remains activated. Please also take a look at the attached images.

Here are a few steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Import an audio file onto an audio track.
  2. Cut it somewhere so that you have to halves.
  3. Select both halves and press “x” two times: the first time in order to set a standard crossfade, the second time to open the crossfade editor.
  4. Activate the pre-roll and post-roll buttons for the preview of the crossfade and specify each length (for example put it to 1s each)
  5. Listen to the crossfade with one of the preview buttons above.
  6. Close the crossfade editor and open it again by pressing “x”.
    => the pre-roll button will be deactivated again while the post-roll button will still be active.

This may seem like a minor issue but it actually is a big annoyance if you use the crossfade editor continuously, please fix this! Thank you very much!