Issue with Cubase 12 on macOS: Silent VST Renders

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share an issue I’ve been experiencing with Cubase 12 on macOS, specifically when rendering VSTs. I’ve noticed that there is at least a 30% chance that the rendered output will be completely empty and silent. It’s quite frustrating, and I’m wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem.

Here’s what I’ve observed so far:

  1. Inconsistent Rendering: Whenever I attempt to render a VST, there’s no guarantee that it will work correctly. If I try again, it may or may not work, which makes the issue unpredictable.

  2. Track Selection: The issue seems to be exacerbated when selecting multiple tracks together for rendering. When I render them simultaneously, it becomes a game of chance, as some tracks will render correctly while others remain silent. However, if I render the tracks individually, one at a time, they usually work fine.

  3. Limited to Cubase 12: It’s worth mentioning that this problem has only appeared in Cubase 12 for me. I didn’t encounter such issues with previous versions or other digital audio workstations (DAWs) on my macOS system.

I’ve tried a few troubleshooting steps, including checking my system’s audio settings, reinstalling the VSTs, and ensuring that all my software and plugins are up to date. However, none of these measures have resolved the issue so far.

I’m hoping to connect with other Cubase 12 users who may have experienced a similar problem or have any insights into potential solutions. If anyone has found a workaround or has any suggestions on how to address this bug, I would greatly appreciate your input.

Additionally, it would be helpful to hear from fellow users who haven’t encountered this issue in Cubase 12. If you have successfully rendered VSTs without any problems, please share your system configuration and any relevant settings you have used.

I hope this brings this issue to the attention of Steinberg.

Thank you for your time and assistance!

Best regards,