Issue with Cubase7 and the CurveEq plugin

I have Cubase 7, the full version (7.0.0 build 2070)

I have experienced a potential bug which is really annoying, or, I’m making lots of mistakes which is also equally annoying.

My recording is not great, and as such, my sounds need a lot of work. I have no option to re-record so EQing to heck is my only option and one that I am happy with. Because of this, on each track, I potentially have multiple CurveEQs. Some times I’m using multiple CurveEQ’s together, some times I’m using multiple to compare and contrast.

The issue I have is bypassing is not saving. And it’s replicable. On any channel strip, in the inserts, I add 4 EQCurves. I then choose to disable 2 of them. I save my project. I close Cubase, and restart Cubase. All 4 of my EQCurces are enabled!

Am I the only person experiencing this?


please update your installation to 7.0.7:

This should solve your issue.

Kind regards,

Thank you , this has solved the issue.