Issue with cutting a track in Cubase Elements 12

I just recorded a guitar track in cubase elements 12 and i’m trying to cut that said track because some parts are not exactly on beat but the only way i can cut that track is at the start or at the end of a mesure (so only mesure 1 or 2 for example and not anything in between). Is there a way to actually cut something wherever i want in elements 12 and a way to expend or reduce a track wherever i want?

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What you’re describing is called Snap and is a feature to make editing faster and more precise. It sounds like the Snap is currently set to bars which is great for some things and not for other. Luckily the snap can be changed to some other quantifier or be turned off completely. Read more about it here:

Thank you SO MUCH

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I have another issue: when my snap is on, i cant change it to 1/32 or 1/16 and then cut exactly at, lets say, 1.2. I need to undo the snap to cut something or else i cant change specific places in between the mesure. Is there a way for me to cut like that?

Set Snap to follow Quantize then set Quantize to 1/32.

Doesnt work, when i click the Quantize button, it does nothing, iy still wants to cut every mesure

I think you misunderstood.
First, make sure your Snap Type is set to Grid. Next, select Use Quantize as the Grid Type and finally set the Quantize Preset to 1/32 (or whatever subdivision you like) found in the Project Window Toolbar (under the category Quantize).

oh well thank you, it worked!