Issue with different dyamics for two voices of the same staff


I am trying to have two differnt dynamics ff and p, how ever they are attached to the same note B in the example below and it does not right as both of the voices play with dynamic p. I use the Alt method to enter dynamics.


Quesitons 1: Is it possible to have the dynamics attached to different voices? Voice-specific dynamics approach does not work for me!
Quetions 2: If the answer to Question 1 is NO, Should I use divisi instead?
Question 3. How can I reposition the dynamics in Write mode ( not Engrave mode)?

Hi @Chikitin , to have a correct playback of the different dynamics (assumed that you entered them correctly), you have to activate Independent Voice Playback in play mode, for the desired track:

To reposition the dynamics, it would be helpful for the musicians to immediately visualise which voice is FF and which P, so I suggest that you use the Propertie Placement : above and below that you can reach also in Write mode:

or of course use divisi (if this is a Section Player), and write the corresponding music and dynamics on their appropriate staves.


Thank you so much. Your GUI is more similar to iPad version. I am on D3.5.

Yes I showed it in Dorico 5 pro. In Dorico 3.5 you find the same functionality to enable independent voice playback (look at the part called Instrument track headers in this Manual page):