Issue with Direct Monitoring

I’m not sure if this belongs in the Cubase forum or the UR824 forum. I’ll let the admin sort it out. Sorry admin!

I previously had not run into any issues with my UR824 and had no problems with direct monitoring. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve had to record anything and today when I got my project ready, I couldn’t get the direct monitoring to work. If I switch off direct monitoring in the Device Setup, things work just fine. When I switch on the direct monitoring, I get nothing. In the mixer console, I can see a signal from my input, I can see the signal on my audio track, but nothing in the Stereo Out bus. It records fine and playback works fine when monitoring is off, but once the monitor button is activated, I get nothing.

Is there some setting that is eluding me? I know my way around Control Room pretty well. I don’t think that’s the issue.

Anyway, I’m running 8.0.30, 64 bit, Windows 8.

Just posted a topic outlining the same problem, hopefully we’ll find a solution.
It’s interesting to see that direct monitoring used to work for you, that at least gives me hope that it’s not a hopeless cause!