Issue with divisi staff labelling

Hello. I have a score where the Choir splits in two (using divisi).
The lower parts are rightly named T. & B. But the upper parts are have staff names 1 & 2.
Here’s a pic.

The divisi option set-up seems to be the same for both upper and lower staves. In fact, there is nothing entered that I can see.
If I click “Add section divisions” I get S.A. and 1.2.
Any ideas?

Can you share the project file itself, or a duplicate version containing just the bars where this divisi change occurs?

Your screenshot just shows the Change Divisi dialog with a single division in it, suggesting at this point the section player is not divided at all.

Hello Lillie
Thank you. Here it is attached. The divisi is at section C.
Divisi voices test.dorico (3.1 MB)

Yes, that is what I see when I click on the divisi flag to see divisi options.

That’s probably because you have renamed the divisi sections to 1 and 2?

Your picture was at the end of the divisi, where you restores the unsion.

Double click the divisi flag at the beginning, select a Division group and change the name to “S.”

As I opened the file, you set the divisi labels not to show. (Layout Options → Staves and Systems → Divisi Labels)

Thank you everyone for your helpful replies.
My real problem was that I didn’t realize the way to access the current divisi settings was to double-click the divisi flag.
Instead, I was right-clicking the divisi flag > staff > Divisi options. That was giving me the view that you saw, and didn’t let me see the source of the problem.
Yes, I know they were set not to show. My mistake again. I sent the vocal part, but in the full score they are set to show.
Thanks again