Issue with drum plug in

Hi there

I am currently working on a new song and when I open the song in Cubase and play to listen to it, the drums don’t play even though the track is unmuted. It is only when I open the track’s plug in (MT Power Drumkit 2 free plug in) can the drums then be heard.

I should have to have the plug in own to hear a particular track in a song should I? this doesn’t sound normal, as some people could have lots of plugins used in a single song.

It is painful to have to open the plugin window for the drums every time I just want to listen to the song end to end.

Your help is appreciated.


Cubase does play the instruments if the plug-in is not open…
Must be something with your configuration…

Or maybe because it is free…? A trial maybe.

Could also be a poorly written plug-in.

No, doesn’t look like that…

Can you post a link to where you got the plug?

That’s the way that free MT plug works. Usually most free stuff just works, but come with limited feature sets. My advice? Chuck it and use the GA & HAL kits that come with Cubase until you can afford to buy something really good. The MT freebie is downright annoying.

I had big problems trying to use Groove Agent SE when I first got Cubase. I couldn’t get it to fire up and then when I did none of the patterns matched and I found it generally unusable. So I gave up and got something simple in terms of features where is all I needed.

I really don’t want to have to re-track all my drums with a new plugin if I can avoid it, but it looks like I might have to.

What ‘really good’ plugins would you recommend? ezdrummer 2 or similar?

I watched the video… it promises much… so I will check it out and report back…

it works without the open window
but you have to press the play button inside the plugin or you must drag your composition to the project window
But it still works without the open window

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