Issue with Drum Sets in Dorico 3, and NotePerformer

So, I am aware that NP is not fully supported in Dorico 3, but this issue has been around since Dorico 2.

There are rare moments where I include a Drum Set with my project (usually orchestral, or other instruments besides the piano), and would run into this problem of the “Ride Cymbal” not having a sound loaded. With this kind of project, it is a hit or miss, since occasionally a sound would load that’s desired. What could be causing this problem, and how can I correct it?

Everything should be OK with the ride cymbal: check that you have the correct instrument in your drum set (either ‘Ride cymbal (low)’ or ‘Ride cymbal (high)’), and that you have ‘NP Drum Set’ chosen in the Endpoint Setup dialog for the drum set. Both of these things should be true by default.

What do you mean by “Endpoint Setup” dialog?

Also, I try to set the channel to the playback pannel with Drum set, and the Ride Cymbal Sound becomes Crash Cymbal sounds.

I mean this.

Okay. For the Drum Set, all I see is R. Cymbal. I use the full Drum Set. Is there a High and Low Ride Cymbal for the Basic Drum Set?

No, the basic drum set includes just ‘Ride Cymbal (low)’, which maps onto note 51 in the General MIDI drum map.