Issue with Elgato streamdeck XL and SideshowFX Template 3.0

Hi everyone.
I have a big issue with my Streamdeck XL and SideshowFX 3.0.
I used Sideshow FX (first version) with no issue.
Now when I’ll try to use, appear a yellow triangle on the botton while I’m pushing it, and no work at all.
The 3.0 work with Remote control, the first one work with key command template (cubase 11 and earlier).
I have a novetion Keyboard and it’s perfectly matches with remote control (so remote control seems work)
I used to follow the guide of sideshow FX step by step and all check are done already. I’ll tried to uninstall and re install Midi, Cubase, loop midi(streamdeck plug in) and last streamdeck program and re install everything, but the problem follow.
I check midi remote and connection is done, midi in and midi out are all set as well.
At least I don’t know how to fix the issue.
Someone could help me please.

I did have same problem and I got it fixed by sending email to sideshow fx. The problem was incompatible Midi plugin version in the Streamdeck marketplace.
Support sent me the latest version of this plugin and everything works great now.

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Have you solve your issue?
You can email me at