Issue with export audio in cubase

In cubase, I’m using the option File > VST Live > Export Project.
I’m checking the tracks :

After export, only audio tracks “2nd Gtr” and “Basse” are exported in the audio folder :

I think that the 2 tracks “Voix 2” and “Voix 3” are in the audio folder of the cubase project, instead of being in the folder where I save the VST Live project.


… that’s strange, @magicguigui. Do you think it is possible to give me your full project of Cubase? Use “Cubase / Menu / Back up Project…” to create a Cubase archive. Then send it to m.spork (at)

Thank you,

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do you receive the file ?

… Yes, Thank you. We’ll analyse the project soon,

… it’s fixed now, @magicguigui, and the fix is added to the next version. Sorry for the delay,

Hi @Spork,

Issue is still present in the version 1.3.19.

Cubase only exports old tracks but no new tracks (exported in the “audio” folder of cubase project)

Hi @Spork ,

It seems to be fixed in V1.3.20.

… cool! :slight_smile: