issue with export in MP3

please if someone can help me
i have a cubase 7 EL when i need to export in MP3 it dose tell me I have to shop and I just buy the full element 7 and it is active I use to have cubase AL
I attached an image to show you the message


I believe this is b/c the mp3 encoder is an add-on to the lighter versions. I think you get 20 free MP3 mixdowns, and then you have to buy an upgrade to continue to have the ability to mixdown to MP3. Hence the reason you are being prompted to go to the shop.

You can mix down to .wav, and then find a free conversion tool on the web.


thank you Mr.Jeff for the fast responding , Monday i will get the upgrade to 7.5 and i think i can get the cubase 8 free so in booth way the full cubase it is the solution

I’ve been using Cubase since 4 (up to 8 now). On Jan 1, my mp3 encoder stopped working. I know from forums that the 'demo" state in elicenser did not apply; the 20 remaining starts was not correct, and I had the full version.

After trying various solutions, I gave up and bought a license for 15.99. It works, and I still have 'Demo" in red.


  1. Why did it fail? No coinicidence that it was jan1 of a new year. I should have had the full version forever. I haven’t changed computers or done anything huge to my system
  2. Will I have to do this every year? I still have a “Starts"30” and expiration date

Im using CuBase 6 LE and can not do a mixdown to mp3 or wave.
Is it down to the version Im using and fully available in version 7 / 7.5 and 8?


Solution for it … without the need of purchasing the CuBase MP3 module:

Simply mixdown the song (including the wanted tracks) and export to .wav using CuBase.

There´s simple and free software tools that convert the given .wav file into an mp3 format … :wink: